Thursday, October 30, 2008

WSCP Meeting Notes from Oct 27

Aloha Everyone,

Attached are the meeting notes from Monday's WSCP (Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan) Public Information Meeting. Thank you to everyone who attended and shared their thoughts on the Public Review Draft. Sorry if I missed any comments in the notes - things got a little crazy! Feel free to send corrections or additions.

The major discussion of the night was the proposed light industrial area in Lualualei. We did not come to a consensus on whether or not to amend the WSCP to include this new industrial zone on the Land Use Map. Therefore, we will be putting together additional information on this potential zoning change and sending it out.

In addition, there will be a follow-up meeting in a few weeks. I will be sending the meeting information as soon as we find a time and location that works for most people. At that meeting, we will do our best to present all of the information we can on light industrial parks, along with a summary of the input we have heard and received on this topic thus far. And we will try to set up a format that enables us to hear from everyone.

FYI- On the last page of the meeting notes (page 7) is the official definition of "I-1 limited industrial district" from the City & County of Honolulu's Land Use Ordinance. There is more information available at this link:
Go to page 60 to see the definition along with more detailed information about what is allowed in these districts.

We will be sending the Nanakuli Neighborhood Board Resolution(s) and info soon as well.

Thank you for all of your continued participation. As always, please feel free to email or call me when any comments, concerns, or questions. My cell is 772-0316.


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