Friday, February 29, 2008

Demonstrators/Participants Sought for Hawaiian Caucus Day on March 19

March 19 is the annual "Hawaiian Caucus Day" from 10am to 4pm on the 3rd and 4th floors of the State Capitol, sponsored by the legislators, such as Rep. Maile Shimabukuro, who are members of the Hawaiian Caucus.

Applications are being accepted now thru March 12 for any groups interested in hosting a display table/booth.

The Legislature will be honoring grammy award winner George Kahumoku and Cliff Hashimoto of the Royal Order of Kamehameha during the House floor session at noon. Lunch will be provided to those hosting displays and entertaining. The event is free and open to the public.

Coincidentally, the House Agriculture Committee will also be hearing SB 958, which places a 10-year ban on genetic testing of taro, on the morning of March 19. (see announcement further below in this blog).

For more information, contact Hawaiian Caucus Chair Rep. Mele Carroll at or 586-6790.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Legislative Update

As we begin a new session of the Hawaii State Legislature, I have introduced many of the bills listed below. A number of them relate to areas in which I have special responsibility as Chair of the House Committee on Human Services & Housing. Others are intended to benefit District 45, which I have represented for the past six years. The list also includes bills introduced by my legislative colleagues—and which have my support.


HB 2209 funds the Kaloko Housing Program in West Hawaii to provide housing for families impacted by homelessness
HB 2242 authorizes counties to impose an affordable housing requirement as a condition of permit approval
HB 2511 (SB 3172) provides rental assistance applicants up to 3 months to find a qualified dwelling
HB 2512 appropriates $500,000 to expedite by third-party review the processing of building permits for affordable housing projects
HB 2513 (SB 3174) authorizes issuing bonds and appropriating $30 million into the Dwelling Unit Revolving Fund
HB 2514 extends the sunset date for allocating 50% of conveyance tax to the Rental Housing Trust Fund (RHTF)
HB 2665 allows HPHA to give preferential considerations to those who build or renovate public housing while concurrently developing adjacent property.
HB 3060 authorizes resale of reserved housing units by the Hawaii Community Development Authority, requiring units to remain affordable in perpetuity
HB 2238 requires that public & publicly funded housing projects remain affordable in perpetuity
HB 3403 (SB 2560) establishes a trust fund to help with technical assistance costs generated by self-help housing projects


HB 2888 authorizes issuance of bonds to expand and renovate Wai'anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center and other rural health centers
HB 3008 provides tax credit to improve to Federally Qualified Health Centers
HB 2795 offers improvements to the system whereby the Dept of Health pays & reimburses Federally Qualified Health Centers & rural health clinics
HB 3422 (SB 3205) expands indigent legal service funding by increasing the surcharge on initial filing fees for civil actions
SB 2459 permits dispensing pharmacies to operate in remote, underserved areas
HB 3400 makes the legal guardian of a qualified minor eligibile for aid under the TANF & TAONF family assistance programs
HB 2596 requires the department of Human Services to investigate reports of drug use in the home of a child within 24 hours
HB 2761 requires at least 6 months of post-partum & interconception care for women of child-bearing age participating in QUEST health insurance program


HB 2550 Net Energy Metering; increases the total rated generating capacity produced by eligible customer-generators
HB 2509 establishes a state program for recycling electronic devices
SB 2189 establishes a Makua Reserve Commission to oversee preservation & restoration activities in Makua Valley
SB 3138 funds continuation of baseline environmental study of Wai'anae Coast
SB 2629 prohibits polystyrene foam food takeout containers, effective 1/1/10


HB 2770 expands the Bridge to Hope Program to enable heads of household receiving financial assistance and participating in the First-to-Work Program to pursue a full range of post-secondary education
HB 2051 provides educational stability for foster children in decisions regarding school placement; appropriates funds for school transportation services
SB 2246 extends the timeframe in which a former foster youth may apply for a higher education board allowance
SB 2164 establishes the Hawaii Charter School Facilities Fund for repair and maintenance
LCC/Wai'anae is ranked high on a UH priority list to receive funds to purchase land and structure near campus


SB 1789 designates an access organization to oversee operation of cable television channels and requires the cable advisory committee to advise access organizations.


HB 3358 creates a high-technology park on the island of Oahu


SB 958 imposes a 10-year moratorium on developing, testing, propagating, cultivating, growing, and raising genetically engineered taro in Hawaii
HB 2261 includes farm and aquaculture projects in existing loan programs
MA'O Farm: a $700,000 award, pending legislative approval, has been made by the Legacy Lands Commission to Waianae's MA'O farm for land purchase


HB 1616 appropriates funds to explore feasibility of a quarantine & laboratory facility for aquatic species used in Hawaii's aquaculture industry.
SB 2196 grants regulatory authority to the Dept of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) over certain commercial activities at boating facilities & on ocean waters
SB 3137 makes an appropriation to DLNR for akule fish monitoring


SB 266 conveys certain parcels of land and transfers cash to OHA as part of the State's constitutional obligations to Native Hawaiians
SB 938 amends Hawaiian Homes Commission Act to require state to consult with beneficiaries on commercial development projects involving trust land assets


HB 661 (SB 1068) creates comprehensive public funding for elections to any county council
HB 3013 would allow member states to determine the winner of a presidential election by "national popular vote."


HB 2071 requires the Department of Health (DOH) to establish air sampling stations to monitor for levels of depleted uranium
HB 2034 makes it a violation of the statewide traffic code to leave a child unattended in a motor vehicle
HB 2816 requires the DOH to license clean and sober homes & establish standard operating procedures


HB 2524 requires the Statewide Transportation Council to comply with county transportation & general plans to prepare for the statewide transportation plan
HB 3406 Expands the authority of the Aloha Tower Development Corporation to assist in the development of the statewide harbors modernization plan by establishing the Harbors Modernization Group. Authorizes the Department of Transportation to issue revenue bonds to finance the harbor improvements.
SB 3149 Requires the remittance of general excise tax revenues from liquid fuel sales to the state highway fund. Repeals provisions authorizing transfers of revenues deemed excess out of the state highway fund; replaces the tour vehicle surcharge tax of $65 for each tour vehicle that falls into the over twenty-five passenger seat category, and $15 for the eight to twenty-five passenger seat category, with unspecified surcharge amounts. (SD2)

More Children Now Eligible for Free Health Insurance

* Increased QUEST and Medicaid Fee-for-Service Income Levels: Eligible children and youths in households with income up to 300% FPL can now get free public health insurance! Not only did Hawai`i eliminate premium payments for children in households between 251-300% FPL, but also the federal government announced its 2008 increased income limits. An updated chart with household size and income levels is now available on our web site at

* Keiki Care: Great news! HMSA is accepting applications to enroll eligible children and youths in Keiki Care. Coverage starts April 1, 2008. More details, including a chart comparing Keiki Care with the QUEST and Medicaid Fee-for-Service Programs, are on our web site's Keiki Care page:

GMO Taro Bill Will Be Heard March 19 on "Hawaiian Caucus Day"

SB 958, the 10 Year Moratorium on Genetic Modification of Taro, will be heard on the morning of March 19 before the House Agriculture Committee. Testimony will be accepted up to 24 hours in advance of the hearing, and should be emailed to

Enjoy the 'artestimony' kindly provided by Solomon Enos, also a kalo farmer- this inspiring image reminds us of the 'big picture' of why we must protect kalo in Hawaii. CALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS-Tell them to support SB958 for ALL Varieties of Taro in Hawaii.

House Representatives Districts/phones/emails:
Senators Districts/phones/emails:
Please review for more information on GMOs in Hawaii.

For more information, sample testimony, etc., go to:

DEMONSTRATORS/PARTICIPANTS SOUGHT FOR HAWAIIAN CAUCUS DAY. Coincidentally, March 19 is also the annual "Hawaiian Caucus Day" from 10am to 4pm on the 3rd and 4th floors of the State Capitol, sponsored by the legislators who are members of the Hawaiian Caucus. Applications are being accepted now thru March 12 for any groups interested in hosting a display table/booth. The Legislature will be honoring grammy award winner George Kahumoku and Cliff Hashimoto of the Royal Order of Kamehameha during the House floor session at noon. Lunch will be provided to those hosting displays and entertaining. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Hawaiian Caucus Chair Rep. Mele Carroll at or 586-6790.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nanakuli & Haleakala Ave. Turn Lane Update

Department of Transportation (DOT) Director Brennon Morioka recently provided Rep. Shimabukuro with an update regarding the turn lane projects at Nanakuli and Haleakala Avenues.
DOT is currently using the existing $2m appropriation from Rep. Shimabukuro to do the environmental assessment (EA), land court documents, and design.

DOT will be looking for $3.5 million in construction money for each of the two intersections for a total of $7 million. Construction will likely occur in FY2010 which is based on how quickly DOT thinks they can complete the environmental assessment.

The initial cost estimate of $2m was based on not having to do much widening and cutting into the railroad right-of-way (ROW).

As part of the EA for this project, DOT will be coming to the Wai`anae Coast to hold one, maybe two, public meetings as part of the public involvement process. DOT is currently not sure on the timing of the public meetings, but will keep the community informed.
Please stay tuned regarding this important development.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pizza Fundraiser Feb. 27 for Hawaiian Immersion Schools

Aloha Family & Friends, My keiki are having a pizza night fundraiser for their school tomorrow WED 2/27. So, if you love pizza, please have some tomorrow. :) I have attached a claim check which you will need to submit with your order. Their name and school is already filled in on the form. I thank you in advance for your support of the Hawaiian Immersion Schools.

[Note from Rep. Shimabukuro: please contact Kau`i for a copy of the order form.]
Me ka ha'a ha'a, (Humbly Yours)

T. Kau'i Teixeira, Associate Administrative Director
Hawai'i Family Services, Inc.
(808) 696-3482 (808) 696-6068 Fax (hana) (hale)

Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Session Staff

Rep. Shimabukuro's 2008 Staff. Front row, L-R: Sandie Morimoto, volunteer; Jessie Torres, legislative aide; Maile; Colleen Teramae, office manager; Gerald Kita, housing committee clerk. Back row, L-R: Dana Newman, community liaison; Wally Inglis, legislative advisor; Kristin Kline, human services committee clerk.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Opinion: A Different Route for the Alternate Road

Date Fri, 8 Feb 2008 13:20:14 -1000
To "Maile Shimabukuro"
Subject Re: [waianae-makaha] Transportation Update; Neighborhood Bd. Mtgs; `Olelo Bill; Drug Rehabilitation Homes; Wai`anae Boy Does Good; Sustainable Community Plan Update

Can I send in my 2 cents worth about the access route, I know that the new road is not on the table this year but I used to drive thru Kolekole pass and Kunia road all the time and always wondered why they didn't make a road leaving Waianae down Paakea rd. even past Hakimo to LLL and on the right side of Lualualei road just before the guard shack before LLL Naval St. just cut right thru that mountain which is not military and behind Makakilo and head for the new on and off ramp between Waipahu and Makakilo that they are working on. We all know we need a H-4, I'm sending a map of what I was thinking.

If you drive up to the guard shack and just before you enter the gate there is a lower montain range that looks like you can just make a road over and if you go driving down Kunia Rd. to Scholfield you'll see that same low mountain range -- doesn't even look like it will cost too much , right after Royal Kunia subdivision keep looking to the left for a low mountain range you'll see it. And it's before the military both sides. Then we won't have to depend on the Military for an access thru kolekole which is too long anyway. Hope my map helps. [Note: contact Norman or Rep. Shimabukuro if you'd like a copy of the map].

Norman and Bonita

Transportation Update From Sen. Pres. Hanabusa

Thank you for your interest regarding the status of the alternate road for Leeward O`ahu. While the Wai`anae Coast Emergency Access Route is being planned and implemented by the City and County of Honolulu, I can assure you that your state government is also looking at alternatives to provide some relief, in cases of emergency, for another way off the Wai` anae Coast. The state Department of Defense and the state Department of Transportation, along with a number of observers, including members of my staff, have actually looked at two potential routes, Kolekole Pass and around Ka`ena Point. After a helicopter tour of the terrain and the current conditions of both routes, the state is reviewing what, if anything may be done. With regards to evacuation routes away from the ocean, the City and County of Honolulu , as part of their Civil Defense preparedness, reviews the appropriateness of the routes to evacuation centers. While I agree with you that it might be prudent to construct more routes leading further into the Lualualei valley and the fact that many of the streets in Ma`ili do not go through to Kula`aupuni Street directly (over the canal) to the evacuation center at Ma`ili Elementary School, the question must be asked of the City and County of Honolulu. I hope this answers the questions that you had regarding your traffic concerns.

Senator Colleen Hanabusa

[Message from Kristin Kline, committee clerk from Rep. Shimabukuro's office: FYI: Below is a link to a photo album of the pictures I took from the helicopter ride I took on Friday the 21st [of December]. We mostly followed the road that runs along the Wai`anae Coast. There is a picture that shows where there was a landslide and the road was washed away. There is a large boulder in the road where it ends right now.]

WNB Subcommittee Meeting Dates

Please note that the following Wai`anae Neighborhood Board Sub-Committee Meetings have been scheduled:
a) Transportation, 2/11/08, 7pm, Waianae Satellite City Hall, Discussion re: OMPO, HECO,Mauka Hwy, Emergency Access Rd. Chair: David Brown
b) Health and Human Services, 2/12/08, 6:30pm, Waianae High School portable 17. Chair: Calvin Endo
c) Parks and Recreation, 2/14/08, 7pm, Waianae Satellite City Hall; Chair: Jo Jordan
d) Parks and Recreation, 3/5/08, 7 pm, Waianae District Park; Tetratech Baseline Study pursuant to Act 6 2005 Baseline Study of Waianae Coast. Chair: Jo Jordan

`Olelo Bill Rescheduled to Feb 12


We have just been notified that the Legislature has rescheduled the hearing on S.B.1789 relating to cable television systems. It has been rescheduled from Friday February 8, (tomorrow) at 9 a.m. to Tuesday, February 12 at 1:15 p.m., which will allow everyone a bit more time to provide testimony. Location: Conference Room 229, State Capitol, 415 South Beretania Street.

Testimony will continue to be accepted via email at: or via fax at 586-6659.

Please see the hearing notice for more information on how to testify:

Keali`i S. Lopez
President and CEO
`0lelo Community Television

Hina Mauka Meeting - Feb 16

Hina Mauka will present their plans for a Therapeutic Living Program in Waianae.

Date/Time/Place: 2/16/08, 10am, 86-227 Moekolu St.

Therapeutic Living Programs are treatment programs which must be licensed by the Department of Health. On the other hand, Clean and Sober homes are not "therapeutic" and not required to be licensed by the state, but are subject to the County provision 46-4(e) listed below requiring a public informational meeting. We have also included sections that explain rules for halfway houses, drug rehabilitation homes, and group homes for the mentally ill, disabled, elderly, and developmentally disabled: Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 46-4:
(d) Neither this section nor any other law, county ordinance, or rule shall prohibit group living in facilities with eight or fewer residents and that are licensed by the State as provided for under section 321-15.6, or in an intermediate care facility/mental retardation-community for persons, including mentally ill, elder, disabled, developmentally disabled, or totally disabled persons, who are not related to the home operator or facility staff; provided that those group living facilities meet all applicable county requirements not inconsistent with the intent of this subsection and including building height, setback, maximum lot coverage, parking, and floor area requirements. (e) No permit shall be issued by a county agency for the operation of a halfway house, a clean and sober home, or a drug rehabilitation home unless a public informational meeting is first held in the affected community. The State shall provide notification and access to relevant information, as required, under chapter 846E. A clean and sober home shall be considered a residential use of property and shall be a permitted or conditional use in residentially designated zones, including but not limited to zones for single-family dwellings.

OM Surf International Co. Debuts on Feb. 22

Wai`anae Boy Does Good!


Om Surf International invites you to celebrate their company release party. Om Surf International is a new type of unique company where the goal is to make profits created to give away 10% back to the community. They make casual surf style clothing and have one of only a few in the world female board shaper making boards. To learn more about the company and their goals come enjoy complimentary music and pupus. View the products, Mission, giveaways, and enter the raffle for a hand shaped surfboard by Jen Miles.

Event is Friday the 22nd of February 2008 at the O'Lounge. From 7pm to 9pm. Open to all ages. After 9pm Fource Entertainment takes over and it is 21 and over with a $10.00 cover charge and open bar til 11pm. Om Surf International will also be at Chai's Island Bistro the following night. Come suppot this incredible company and their mission and goals. See you there . . .

To find out more about our company please visit these sites below.
[The first of 2 submitted URLs was in error.]

Ignacio Fleishour
President CEO Om Surf International
(808) 753-2660

[Note from Rep. Shimabukuro: Ignacio Fleishour grew up in Wai`anae, and was once Rep. Shimabukuro's housemate in Makaha.]

Wai`anae Sustainable Communities Plan Update

Aloha Waianae Advisory Committee,

The update on the Revised Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan (WSCP) is that we have turned in a Preliminary Draft to the City Department of Planning & Permitting (DPP) and are awaiting their review. In the meantime, DPP is working on creating some consistency between the various SCPs that are currently being updated. We will be meeting with them and the other consultants next week to try work out some of those issues. So as soon as we can, we will schedule a meeting to review that Preliminary Draft with all of you....hopefully in the not-too-distant future! Thank you for your hard work and for your patience.

Harmonee Williams
Townscape, Inc.
Environmental & Community Planning
900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 1160
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone: (808) 536-6999, ext. 8
Fax: (808) 524-4998

Help Makaha Surfside - Meeting This Sat. Feb 23

From Dale Head

Saturday 23 February 2008 10:00am
Location: Sacred Heart Church Waianae, 85-7 86 Old Government Road behind McDonald's Restaurant & W-Hardware

This meeting will begin with a Hawaiian Prayer. We will review our progress and have invited guest speakers. Efforts are now focused on gaining sufficient proxies to control the next Annual Makaha Surfside Meeting where new Board members will be elected and there will be a real opportunity to make necessary changes to our condominium community to halt the downward spiral we are now in. Please attend and bring a friend.

Wai`anae Coastline Environ. Study - Meeting Mar 5

Meeting: MARCH 5, 7-8:30PM


For further info re the meeting, click here. Or call 441-6612.

Lawmakers Listen Meeting - March 10

Aloha Senate President and Representative Shimabukuro,

As a freshman legislator, House leadership has offered to come to our community at a "Lawmakers Listen Community Meeting" event. I wanted to extend this invitation to you and your constituents. This meeting is scheduled for: Monday, March 10, 2008, from 6:30 – to 8:30 pm at Nanaikapono Elementary School.

6:30 – 7:00 pm: sign in & light refreshments served
7:00 -8:30 pm: meeting

Rep. Karen Awana

Health & Human Services Meeting - March 11

Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24
Health and Human Services, Safety Committee
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
6:30 pm
Waianae High School, Room P-18
85-251 Farrington Highway, Waianae, Hawaii 96792

For more info, contact Calvin Endo at:

OHA Settlement Hearing This Saturday

The Bill is scheduled to be heard by a WLH/JUD/FIN joint hearing on Saturday, 02-23-08 at 9:00am in House Conference Room Auditorium at the State Capitol (415 S. Beretania St.). For more info, click here.

Volunteers Needed at Habitat for Humantiy

Aloha, Maile:

Habitat for Humanity Leeward O`ahu is functioning very well BUT with too few volunteers on our Committees. Can you steer anyone our way? I am the Chairperson for Family Support, and we try to have one Advocate/Liaison for each of the homeowners building and then paying their mortgages. We have one family home almost complete, two more (on Wai`anae Valley Homestead farm lots) nearly ready to break ground. Also, I hope you have seen the Advertiser announcements of the 31-home build in Maili; they each need a special friend, and my Family Support Committee orients, trains and supports not only the family but their Special Friend/Advocate/Liaison. Other Committees need volunteers (maybe especially the Volunteer Committee), too.


Wai`anae Farmer's Market Planned

Nina Wu, Farmers market to expand, Hon SB 2.19.08:

The Hawaii Farm Bureau's popular farmers' market is pushing westward to Waianae starting this spring, with an emphasis on fresh fish. The details are still being finalized, and the site still being secured, but the Farm Bureau has obtained a $29,000 federal grant to launch the farmers' market in the neighborhood. Two possible sites include the Waianae Boat Harbor and the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, which is working closely with the bureau to launch the project. Originally the bureau set its sights on launching in March, but that plan has been delayed. "It is going to happen for sure," said Eleanor Nakama-Mitsunaga, farmers' market manager. "The when is up in the air." Nakama-Mitsunaga said the state Department of Agriculture wanted to serve the Waianae area, particularly since many farms are already out there. "It would be a good way to try to help get that community eating healthier," said Dean Okimoto, president of the Hawaii Farm Bureau and owner of Nalo Farms. "We also want to help the fishermen out there."

Ma'o Farms -- a nonprofit that grows organic greens in the fertile Lualualei valley -- has already signed on. Since its inception in September of 2003, the farmer's market at Kapiolani Community College on Saturday mornings has exploded in popularity. A recent head count of shoppers at the KCC market was at about 5,000, compared to 3,000 in late 2006, said Okimoto. Vendors have also grown from about 30 to 45, with a long waiting list. The markets sponsored by the state Farm Bureau feature only Hawaii-grown produce and local products. Besides Saturdays at KCC, the markets take place Thursday evenings at the Kailua Town Center parking lot, and Sunday mornings at Mililani High School. The advantage for vendors is that they can take their produce from the fields directly to customers without a middleman.

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