Friday, February 22, 2008

Hina Mauka Meeting - Feb 16

Hina Mauka will present their plans for a Therapeutic Living Program in Waianae.

Date/Time/Place: 2/16/08, 10am, 86-227 Moekolu St.

Therapeutic Living Programs are treatment programs which must be licensed by the Department of Health. On the other hand, Clean and Sober homes are not "therapeutic" and not required to be licensed by the state, but are subject to the County provision 46-4(e) listed below requiring a public informational meeting. We have also included sections that explain rules for halfway houses, drug rehabilitation homes, and group homes for the mentally ill, disabled, elderly, and developmentally disabled: Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 46-4:
(d) Neither this section nor any other law, county ordinance, or rule shall prohibit group living in facilities with eight or fewer residents and that are licensed by the State as provided for under section 321-15.6, or in an intermediate care facility/mental retardation-community for persons, including mentally ill, elder, disabled, developmentally disabled, or totally disabled persons, who are not related to the home operator or facility staff; provided that those group living facilities meet all applicable county requirements not inconsistent with the intent of this subsection and including building height, setback, maximum lot coverage, parking, and floor area requirements. (e) No permit shall be issued by a county agency for the operation of a halfway house, a clean and sober home, or a drug rehabilitation home unless a public informational meeting is first held in the affected community. The State shall provide notification and access to relevant information, as required, under chapter 846E. A clean and sober home shall be considered a residential use of property and shall be a permitted or conditional use in residentially designated zones, including but not limited to zones for single-family dwellings.

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