Monday, November 30, 2009

Advisory from Honolulu Board of Water Supply


The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) is asking all residents from Honokai Hale to Makaha to please conserve water overnight on Friday, December 4th between 7 p.m. and 9 a.m., as crews work to replace a broken valve.
The BWS will fill reservoirs along the Leeward Coast before the closure so that customers will continue to have water service. However, the 24-inch water main that brings approximately 60 percent of the water to the Leeward Coast will not be in service while crews are making the repair. Therefore, the BWS asks all residents to use water sparingly and for priority needs only during this time. This means using water for cooking, drinking and personal hygiene.

Homeless Christmas Outreach and Beach Clean-Up on 12/19/09


This is to let my family and friends know that Young's Island Gem Production family, participants and parents has come together this year to help the many families that are houseless at Keaau Beach Park. Several Local Businesses has made donations of Food, Toys, and Miscellaneous items to be distributed to where our group feels that are in need, so we have chosen all of the families that reside at Keaau beach park. Unfortunately, there are some items that may not be easy to obtain. We are asking you if you would like to make a donation. Before I give you a list, I think this is an important family that I think we should help to meet their need.

This is their story: Both husband and wife worked and made only enough to pay the rent and utilities. But they could no longer afford the rent because the landlord had raised to rent to where they had to make choices that would eventually send them to living on the beach. Here is the thing, the husband has a medical condition that requires him to have an oxygen machine to help him breathe at night. Without this machine he can die. I am asking if someone can help me to acquire a genrator that will help for the husband to use at night. Please help!

Here is a list of other items that we are not able to obtain:
Tarps, outdoors stove, coolers, ropes, lights/lanterns, blankets, pillows, pillow cases, tent (smal/big), pots, etc.

Any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated.
Everything will be distributed out on December 19. 2009 from 9am - 12pm a Keaau Beach Park fronting the second bathroom.

Please make it a season of giving. Happy Holidays!!

Young's Island Gem Production - Leslie Young

[Note from Maile: Wai`anae Community Outreach is also organizing a beach clean-up and Christmas event on 12/19/09 for the homeless. For more information, call 696-5667.]

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HTI’s Pharmacy Technician Program in Waianae

Hawaii Technology Institute (HTI) is collaborating with the Waianae Health Academy to offer the Pharmacy Technician Program at the Waianae Health Academy beginning January 2010. This partnership is exciting for both organizations as they collaborate to enhance the training and employment options for residents on the Waianae Coast.

Professional development and ethics, life skills and computer classes will be integrated into the Pharmacy Technician program to provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need to enter careers as pharmacy technicians in various healthcare settings.

“There is so much power and influence in working together for the development of our communities. Where resources permit, HTI will continue to provide training and education services that will positively impact the lives of students HTI is privileged to serve,” says Naomi Digitaki, HTI’s President / CEO and a Waianae Coast resident.

The Pharmacy Technician Program will be held 3 days a week from 9AM –4PM beginning January 2010. If you are interested in enrolling in the Pharmacy Technician Program, please contact the Hawaii Technology Institute at (808) 522-2700 or email

"Keep Your Library Open" Fundraising Campaign & Reminder Re: Furlough Fridays @ Waianae Library

Furlough Fridays @ Waianae Library

Open to students age 13 and under

Come to the library and sign up!!!!

Visit Waianae Library on December 4, 11, and 18.
Check out books and get a prize!

Call the library 697-7868 for more information. Open from 1pm to 5pm.

Please also support the "Keep Your Library Open" fundraising campaign aimed at stopping the threatened closure of libraries, such as Waianae Library, on certain days of the week. Tax deductible monetary donations will also be used for purchasing library materials, core services, programs, and operational expenses, and can be mailed to:

Hawaii State Public Library System
Office of the State Librarian
44 Merchant St.
Honolulu, HI 96813

For more information, and to monitor the progress of the fundraising campaign, visit:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tropic Lands' "light industrial park" proposal in Nanakuli

An excerpt from the 11/23/09 OEQC, including a link to the actual notice (and the EIS itself) is provided below:

"2. Nanakuli Community Baseyard (DEIS)
Island: District: TMK: Applicant:
Approving Agency:
Consultant: Comments: Permits:
Oahu Waianae 8-7-09:02 (por) Tropic Land LLC, 1001 Bishop Street, Suite 2690, Honolulu, HI 96813. Arick Yanagihara, 538-3785, ext. 252
State Land Use Commission, 235 South Beretania Street, Room 406, Honolulu, HI 96813. Dan Davidson, 587-3822 Kimura International, Inc., 1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1610, Honolulu, HI 96814. Glenn Kimura, 944- 8848
DEIS 45-day comment period starts from the date of this Notice. Address comments to the Applicant, with copies to the Accepting Authority and Consultant State Land Use Commission - boundary amendment; Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan amendment; Zoning change; NPDES; Grading and construction permits
Tropic Land LLC proposes to develop a light industrial park on 96 acres in upper Lualualei Valley. The project will consist of approximately 41 units, averaging two acres each. An incubator center will include an industrial building with start-up space and open yard space. The project will have a secured entry off of Lualualei Naval Access Road and a secondary emergency access. There will be landscaped buffers on the front and sides of the development. The northwest corner of the property (2.4 acres) will remain undeveloped. A 100-foot wide strip of land mauka of the industrial lots will be used for drainage and rockfall hazard mitigation. The project will be structured under a condominium property regime. Before the project can be implemented, the landowner must obtain an amendment to the State Land Use District (from Agricultural to Urban) and a change in zoning from Preservation (P-2) to Industrial (I-1). Traffic increases on Farrington Highway will worsen congestion and mitigation measures have been identified. All project traffic will be routed on Lualualei Naval Access Road. The landowner has an understanding with the Navy for use of this roadway. The project will convert 13.5 acres of Class B agricultural lands, but addresses a shortage of small-scale industrial space on the Waianae Coast. No adverse impacts to biological, hydrological, archaeological, or cultural, resources are expected. The developer will extend a water line from the municipal system to obtain water and construct an on-site wastewater treatment system. Short- term noise, dust, and erosion impacts will be mitigated through construction BMPs."

Note: Comments regarding the draft environmental impact statement are due on or about 1/7/10.


Office of Environmental Quality Control


Office of Environmental Quality Control
235 South Beretania Street, Suite 702
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
586-4185 (ph) 586-4186 (fax)

Monday, November 23, 2009

UH Manoa: informational session about the Law School JD Program

An informal information session about the Law School JD program for prospective students will be held on Tuesday, December 22, beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Moot Court Room .

For more information AND to RSVP (before December 18) please visit

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jobs & Training Available: Fair Housing Testers

Become a fair housing tester, and help prevent housing discrimination. Applicants must pass selection and training process.

Earn a $35 stipend per day, plus mileage.

For more information, contact:

Ruth Jones
Legal Aid Society of HI


L-R: Bottom row - Kasey, Ka'ili, & Keola; Middle row - Julie & Maryellen Pilila'au; Top row - Ike, Maria & Debbie Mahoe. In relation to Herbert Ka'ili Pilila'au, the children are the great-grand-nephews & niece; Maryellen is his sister-in-law; Julie & Debbie are nieces; and Maria & Ike are grand-nieces. [Click on the photo for a full-sized view]

On 11/11/09, the relatives of Wai`anae Medal of Honor recipient Herbert Ka'ili Pilila`au attended the annual Veteran's Day ceremony. Each year the ceremony is hosted by the Wai`anae Coast's Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, and Ladies Auxiliary; Wai`anae and Nanakuli High School JROTC programs; the staff of the Herbert K. Pilila`au Army Recreation Center, and other volunteers.

Commander Rocky Nae'ole served as the master of ceremonies, and Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, Councilman Todd Apo, Rep. Karen Awana, and Rep. Maile Shimabukuro also spoke. Several speakers acknowledged the Wai`anae Coast's three Medal of Honor recipients: Shinyei Nagamine, Yeiki Kobashigawa, and Herbert K. Pilila`au.

Several speakers acknowledged the Pilila`au `ohana, who sat in the audience. As you can see from the photo, the Pilila`au's are familiar faces on our Wai`anae Coast. We are so grateful for the pride they have brought to our community.

After the ceremony, Ike Mahoe, Herbert K. Pilila`au's grand niece, wrote: "If there is anything else you would like to know about my grand uncle or our family please feel free to contact me at Mahalo for your time and all your kind words today. Our family appriciates you all."

Mahalo nui loa to ALL VETERANS, RESERVISTS, AND ACTIVE-DUTY MILITARY MEN & WOMEN. We are eternally grateful for your sacrifice!!

Access To Recovery Program seeking Pro Bono Legal Advisor

Access To Recovery is a leading program in Hawaii that is assisting to affect positive recovery outcomes for substance abuse clients committed to the recovery process, on the Island of Oahu within the Child Welfare System.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) is the State agency that has been designated as the division of the Hawaii State Department of Health with the responsibility to administer Federal funds for implementing the Access To Recovery Project.
Currently, as year 3 funding draws to a close, a new board (non-Profit 501(c3) consisting of current ATR providers & community members are working on taking what is great about the ATR program & is evaluating the existing aspects of the Hawaii ATR model to identify a format for moving forward in an informed, evolving strategic plan to sustain the model beyond the end of the current ATR program which ends September 22, 2010.

We are in need of a Pro-Bono Legal Advisor to sit on our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets twice a month for approximately 2hrs.

If you or anyone in your organization is interested in this endeavour, please contact A.T.R. Director Bernie Strand (808) 692-7522 or myself Sean Donohue 697-7300

Thank you for your assistance.

Sean Donohue
Case Manager
Kahikolu ‘Ohana Hale ‘O Wai’anae
85-296 Ala Hema Street
Wai’anae, HI 96792
Ph. (808) 697-7300 Fax (808) 697-7340

Benefit Dinner to support WIS' 'Ai Pohaku Program

Saturday, Nov 21 4:30-8pm @ MA'O Farms

$12 for adults, $8 for kids (6-11)
$1 Raffle Tickets (auctioning off poi board, flat screen TV, body board, etc.)

Chili Dinner (healthy, local)

To reserve tickets call or email Summer Miles.


Summer Miles
Director of Education
(office/fax) 696-5569

Saturday, November 14, 2009

LCCW Bake Sale For Student Activities on 11/30/09

Some of the friendly and dedicated staff of Leeward Community College-Wai`anae.Click the photo to view a past newsletter.

Donations of food items, such as baked goods, snacks, finger foods, sushi, sandwiches, etc. are being sought. Please also come to support the bake sale and spread the word.

What: Holiday Bake Sale!

When: November 30, 2009; from 10am-4pm

Where: Leeward Community College - Waianae

Why: Fundraiser for student activities

Who: For more information, call 696-6378, 721-6592, or email

A blast from the past; LCCW Newsletter a year ago from today...

From: Leeward Community College at Waianae []
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 1:39 PM
Subject: LCCW November Newsletter

Aloha LCCW 'Ohana,
Attached is the LCCW November [2008] newsletter. We had so much to share this month that it's a page longer than our normal newsletters! We hope you enjoy the many submissions from LCCW students, instructors, and staff.

Happy Election Day, Veterans' Day, and Thanksgiving!

Leeward Community College at Wai`anae
86-088 Farrington Hwy. #201
Wai`anae, HI 96792
Phone: (808) 696-6378
Fax: (808) 696-4024

Caring for Waianae's Streams: Ka Wai Ola O Waianae Moku advisory committee meeting

Aloha Kakou,

Our next Ka Wai Ola O Waianae Moku advisory committee meeting is next MONDAY, Nov 30 from 6:30-8:30 pm. We will meet at the Waianae Satellite City Hall multipurpose room.

Debbie Liang (EPA project officer) and Herb Lee (Pacific American Foundation executive director) will be joining us for our meeting. Come early at 6 pm for pupus and to talk story with Debbie and Herb.

Pake and Jolyn, Ka Wai Ola community liaisons, will be calling you this week to encourage and confirm your attendance.

The focus of our advisory committee meeting is two-fold.

1. Prioritize environmental issues for action. To determine which issue the advisory committee will focus future action on, we will evaluate these issues based on whether any other organization is addressing the issue, feasibility of the community addressing the issue, and costs associated with action.

· Illegal dumping in and near streams

· Overdevelopment

· Impaired water bodies/Ag & urban storm water runoff

· Mercury in fish

· Damage to coral resulting from storm water runoff

· Active/Inactive landfills

· Outdoor air quality

· Erosion resulting from fires and aggregate mining

2. Brainstorm actions to address the issue of priority. Once the advisory committee prioritizes the environmental issue, we will spend time brainstorming ideas on the who, what, where, when and how of actions to reduce its impacts on human health and the environment and encourage community involvement. So come with your ideas!

A Hui Hou

Leslie Kahihikolo, Project Director
Pacific American Foundation

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Help Promote WCCHC's Dining Pavilion...

Hello all my dear friends, family, community people & beyond!

We need your kokua! On Friday, Nov. 20, 2009 from 8:30am to 2pm. Ka'aha'aina Cafe, located at the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Centers Dining Pavillion, will be having Waianae High School's Searider Productions students shooting a video to help the restaurant promote their onolicious food, great atmosphere & economical prices. Chef Mark Ka'aha'aina was trained at Ihilani Hotel and he is the son of Terry Ka'aha'aina, class of '67.

We need all of you and your friends and family to come up and patronize the cafe and possibly be interviewed by the students of Searider Productions.

The food is healthy & great and the prices are reasonable so please pass this on and come and support this cause. This place is Waianae's best kept secret! Don Hutton made a great video and Searider Productions will expand on it. Aloha & have a great week! Lily

Lily Cabinatan USW9893657
87-230 Kulaaupuni Street
Waianae, HI 96792

phone: 808-697-8769
cell: 808-372-5952

Waianae Land Trust Applies for Clean Water & Natural Lands Grant

NOTE: the site visit description is for a different group seeking City funds, not the Waianae Land Trust.

Kudos to Shelly Freitas and Louella Kohler of the Waianae Land Trust, who recently applied for a grant from the City's Clean Water & Natural Lands fund to create educational programs based on the ahupua`a model on the Wai`anae Coast. Good luck on achieving this excellent goal! For information about this program, visit: Here is some information from the City regarding the project:

Site Visits of
The Clean Water and Natural Lands Commission
October 26, 2009
Commission Members: Kevin Chang, Dr. Hans Krock, Dr. Benton Kealii Pang
Others: Teri Wright (OHA intern for Kevin Chang)

12:00 pm - Siobahn Corp. Wai‘anae Valley parcel

Commissioners met with Leah Caldwell, applicant and Nancy Yamachi, real estate
agent for the property owner. The property is approximately 100 yards from the
Wai‘anae convenience center, a drop off area for refuse and recycling for the residents and borders the old Mountain View Dairy property.

The property is also bordered by a stream that has been channelized by the City and County since the 1950’s. Dr. Krock believes that the stream would have flooded the property prior to the earthen berm and cement channelization. Ms. Caldwell (no relation to Kirk Caldwell) took us to the central 2 portion of the parcel which, according to Dr. Pang, has all the indications of being a wetland (wet soils, and California grass).

A majority of the vegetation is kiawe trees, koa haole shrubs, and buffle grass. There was no indication of native plant species in the area as indicated in the proposal, and Ms. Caldwell apologized for the misidentifications of those plants. The vegetation is not any different from 90% of the vegetation in Wai‘anae Valley. Four endangered Hawaiian stilts were observed in the channelized stream adjacent to the property.

The parcel is next to an agricultural farm and bordered by three elephone/electrical poles.

Ms. Caldwell has plans to plant Neem, a medicinal tree from India, in the area and keep the non-native forest intact. She plans to get assistance from the University of Hawai‘i for growing Neem (eg., College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources) and community outreach (eg., Center for Hawaiian Studies). Ms. Caldwell is a Physics student at the University of Hawai‘i and sees this area as vitally important to the education of Neem for Hawai‘i. She has not yet made contact with community members in the Wai‘anae community, but Dr. Pang offered to put her in contact with Dr. Bruce Koebele of Ka‘ala Farms, Inc. who is currently restoring a dry forest in the back of Wai‘anae Valley.

She planned to do more outreach if she received financial support for the project and is currently running the project by herself.

At the upcoming public meeting, Ms. Caldwell was told to provide more information to
the commission on any historic properties or burials on the property- she indicated a
possible burial on the property, information on environmental contaminants on the
property, and community support from residents in Wai‘anae.

Wai'anae `Olelo - High Risk for Closure!

Aloha mai,

The future of Wai’anae Olelo Community Media Center is at-risk of being closed depending on the decisions made by the DCCA Director Lawrence Reifurth regarding the future support for Olelo Community PEG Media.

Over the past ten years the Wai’anae Olelo Media Center has responded well to the needs of the community with being the first center to work with students from elementary through high school, along with providing training and services to many groups, families and individuals who may not have had access media before Olelo.

The Wai’anae Olelo Media Center has flourished over the years and has gained local and national recognition as a model Community Media Center. Closure of the Wai’anae Olelo CMC and all its’ community building efforts would hinder future development of Media and Communications Technology for the Wai’anae coast communities.

We ask for your support with contacting Director Reifurth, to express concerns of the potential harm his decision can have on the Wai’anae Olelo Community Media Center. Mahalo for the continued support for the people of the Wai’anae coast. Please pass this email along to others in our community.

Me Kealoha Pumehana,

Kawika Naho’opi’i, Manager
Sharlette Poe, CMRC
Jimbo Taylor, CMRC
Interns & Students


Friday, October 9, 2009
Olelo seeks funding, could close 3 Hawaii centers
Pacific Business News (Honolulu) - by Nanea Kalani Pacific Business News

Olelo President Kealii Lopez says funding is not keeping pace with increased demand and interest.

The nonprofit that manages and operates public-access TV channels for Oahu says it has been operating in the red for the past five years and may lay off nine employees and close three community media centers to further cut costs.

Olelo Community Media is seeking additional funding through Oceanic Time Warner Cable, which pays a so-called franchise fee to the state.

While federal law requires cable operators to subsidize public-access TV, the state has local authority to regulate Oceanic and determines the fees paid to Olelo and other public-access organizations. The fee is set at 3 percent of Oceanic’s revenue from cable operations.

Oceanic’s current 20-year franchise agreement ends in December and a new contract is being negotiated with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Honolulu-based Olelo says it hopes the state will consider either increasing the amount that Olelo receives from franchise fees or lifting a cap that the state imposed in 2000 that has cut Olelo’s funding in half over the last five years.
This year, Olelo is receiving $3.4 million in franchise fees, which President Kealii Lopez said represents about 80 percent of the nonprofit’s budget.

“We’re not saying poor Olelo, we know we’re not unlike any other business out there that’s suffering,” said Lopez, noting that the organization has reduced hours at its media centers, implemented a hiring freeze and decreased employee benefits. “The frustrating part is that we are trying to meet increasing demand and interest and there are funds that are available that can be released to help offset our efforts to serve the community.”

Lopez said Olelo used money in its reserves to pay for the opening of two new community media centers last year, adding to the six already in operation on Oahu.
She said demand has grown from its use of a half channel in 1990 to capacity on six channels, with educational programming filling most of two channels, and city and government activities on three others. Original, local programming aired for a total of 5,639 hours last year.

The DCCA placed a formula-based cap on Olelo’s funding in 2000 with the aim of helping pay for a statewide telecommunications network to connect state agencies. The state began collecting funds within Olelo’s designated 3-percent payment from Oceanic, but did not impose a cap on the Neighbor Island public-access stations.
Lopez says the DCCA has collected $5 million to date, including $1.7 million this year.

Olelo wants to use additional funding to be able to provide such services as video teleconferencing, live cablecasting, interisland connectivity, video-on-demand and eventually move to high-definition capacity.

Oceanic President Nate Smith said the cap on Olelo’s funding “is a DCCA issue” and declined to reveal details of the franchise agreement being negotiated with the state.

“But I will say that a 3-percent allocation for PEG (public, educational and governmental access) is a 20-year-old mind-set,” he said.

Smith said that he has seen a decrease in usage numbers on Olelo’s channels, which he attributes to heavier usage of the Internet for broadcasting videos.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hale Wai Vista Opening Soon: How to Apply

The contact person for the new Hale Wai Vista (HWV) affordable housing project located behind Wai`anae City Mill is Jim Gesser, the future HWV resident manager. HWV is a project of the Hawaii Housing Development Corporation, a private non-profit. Funding was provided by the state via the Hawaii Housing and Finance Development Corporation (HHFDC), and other sources. Prudential Locations, LLC, is handling HWV applications. For information regarding how to apply, and other questions, call Mr. Gesser at 738-3110.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving - donations and volunteer help needed


Many of you have called me asking how you can donate food or your time to help the less fortunate here on the Westside. I have spoken to Junior Atisanoe and they would greatly appreciate your kokua.

Food donations of any kind can be dropped off at Ulu Ke Kukui between 9 am and 4 pm up until the day before Thanksgiving. All meals will be prepared there (certified kitchen) and packed for delivery to the homeless along the beaches Thanksgiving morning.

If you would like to donate your time, or would like to help deliver meals, please contact Junior at

Thanks to you all for your caring in our community.

Gail Gomes
Westside Stories
"The PRIDE of the Westside"
808) 696-7978
Visit our website at

Monday, November 9, 2009

5th Annual Envision Hawaii Conference: Creating Connections for Change

Early Conference Registration Extended to November 7th!
Limited seats available so register now for the low early registration rate.

Saturday, November 14, 2009
8:30 am - 5:30 pm, Pau Hana until 7:30 pm
Hawai`i State Capitol

Networking Opportunity:
The conference will include a networking activity where you will get to pitch your business, organization, upcoming event or passion to the other conference participants. You will receive support, suggestions and connections from the wide range of energetic young professionals, students and community leaders attending the conference.

Engaging Panel Discussions:

Four panel discussions will keep you excited and inspired throughout the day...

1) The Ethics of Change: A Moral Compass in a Rapidly Changing Environment
2) How to Create Change: How To Be the Change in Politics, Nonprofits, Business and the Community
3) The Tools of Change: How Reaching Your Audience Has Changed from Mass Marketing to Social Media
4) Future of Connections & Change: What Can the Future Be and How Best to Realize It

Uplifting speakers such as:

- Paul Zorner (Hawaii BioEnergy)
- Kealoha (HawaiiSlam)
- Lisa Maruyama (HANO)
- John "Prime" Hina (808 Urban)
- James Koshiba (Kanu Hawai`i)
- Lorenz Sell (
- Sen. Les Ihara, Jr. (9th District)
- Pono Shim (Enterprise Honolulu)
- Keone Kealoha (Malama Kaua`i)
- Josh Levinson (Community Links HI)

and many more...

Delicious Food and Beverages:
* Breakfast by Great Harvest Bread Company
* Lunch by Town Restaurant
* Pau Hana Reception by Kona Brewing Company

Register by November 7th for the early registration conference fee!

For more conference details check our website at

Mahalo from the Envision Hawai`i Team -- Tandy, Andrew, Deb, Francis, Kehau, Tyler, Dustin and Laura

Friday, November 6, 2009

Veterans' Day Ceremonies in Wai`anae

November 11, 2009

11:11 am

Herbert Ka`ili Pilila`au Army Recreation Center

Open to the public.

Rep. Shimabukuro will attend this event as she has done the past 7 years and encourages all to consider attending.

For more information, contact Larry Moore, VFW/American Legion at

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Communication Counts! -- Waianae Toastmasters Club

would you like to:
• Increase your self-confidence in public speaking?
• Communicate more effectively one-on-one or to a group?
• Get your ideas and points across to others?
• Build up your leadership skills?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then give Toastmasters a whirl.
In this ever, changing world, there are new expectations occurring around us at work and in our personal lives. Much of these expectations rely on effective communication and leadership skills.

Toastmasters is a program that will help you learn to relax, plan and present your ideas, suggestions, speeches and presentations. You will learn to practice in a friendly environment with other Waianae Toastmasters that are here for the same reason you are… to loose any fear you may have of speaking to a group. You will become a better communicator and it does not require a lot of time.

Be our guest at Waianae Coast Toastmasters Club. We meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday’s of each month (except holidays) from 4.00pm to 5.00pm at the Waianae Comprehensive Health Center Administration Building Conference room. Upper parking lot. See you at our next meeting Nov 12th

For more information, call John Wayte at: w847-8326 cell 284-4987
Home 668-8202 e-mail;

Wai`anae Farmers' Market & Thanksgiving Buffet by Kahumana Farms



* MARK’S SPECIALTIES - breakfast omelets, local fresh eggs by the tray, pasteles stew and more...!

* KAHUMANA FARMS - selling organically grown produce, baked goods, and ONO Mango smoothies.

* AUNTY NANI's - homemade shortbread cookies: Macadamia nut, Chocolate Chip, Cinnammon and more...

* PILI POT'S - orchids and plants, baked goods, and organically grown produce from MA'O

* STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE - locally caught, fresh fish and poke

* MANA`AI - hand pounded poi and pa`i`ai

* NAKED DAIRY - homemade cheese and butter from local cows

* 808 SAUCES – Marinades and barbecue sauces and lunch right off the barbie! (BBQ)

* MP FARMS - all your produce needs - from Asian vegetables to tropical fruit

* LYME'S - smoked fish, pickled onion, dried tako and more!


* M.O’s CATERING – Hawaiian plate lunch $7.50: includes rice, lau lau, lomi salmon, sweet potato, and a drink! Frozen take-home pork lau lau also available! 2 for $5

* PANIKEKE – Selling Samoan-style doughnuts with haupia, custard, or buttercream filling.


Wai'anae – the Future of Organics?

"Look at these carrots - have you ever seen a carrot this orange and vibrant? You can't grow this anywhere else on the island." says Dan Rudoy, farm manager at Kahumana Organic Farms.

"I feel incredibly grateful to be able to farm and provide for the community in such an amazing place. Lualualei has to be one of the greatest valleys on earth. It has some of the best soil in the world and is home to an amazing community. I see a lot of potential value in both the land and the people here."

Dan has spent the last few years farming and helping the community with sustainable organic agriculture. He formerly worked with Ma'o Farms here in Wai'anae and is now expanding Kahumana's seven acre farm.

Kahumana is more than just a farm, it's the operating base for Alternative Structures International. ASI is a non-profit corporation which manages two transitional housing programs for 125 families in Waianae, and a Therapeutic Living Program for the developmentally disabled.

Working together with Oahu Work Links, Kahumana is creating a vocational training program for residents of these shelters to develop skills in agriculture and the culinary arts. The "farm to table" program aims to make fresh organic produce more available for Wai'anae residents and to create awareness about sustainability and nutrition. These programs will be headed up by Dan and some of the other staff at Kahumana.

“Personally, I'm interested in relationships.... relationships between people, relationships between humans and plants, plants and soil and the potential that exists between them. Farming brings that all together – it's an amazing experience that can serve as a platform for social change. Nothing brings people together like food. And no food is better for you, and the environment than local, organically grown veggies. There is no reason why this valley could not grow the best organic produce on the island. I would love to see this valley return to its farming roots and provide sustainability and direction for the community.”

See ads in this months West Side Stories to find out about Kahumana's Thanksgiving Celebration, upcoming Eatery and CSA Program (community supported agriculture).

Kahumana Farm’s Thanksgiving Celebration
Thursday, November 26th 5 p.m.
Buffet: $25
RSVP: 696-2655



Desiree Hikuroa

Desiree Hikuroa
Marketing Specialist & Program Manager

Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center
86-260 Farrington Highway
Waianae, HI 96792

Work: (808) 697-3516
Cell: (808) 388-7386
Fax: (808) 697-3500