Friday, February 22, 2008

Opinion: A Different Route for the Alternate Road

Date Fri, 8 Feb 2008 13:20:14 -1000
To "Maile Shimabukuro"
Subject Re: [waianae-makaha] Transportation Update; Neighborhood Bd. Mtgs; `Olelo Bill; Drug Rehabilitation Homes; Wai`anae Boy Does Good; Sustainable Community Plan Update

Can I send in my 2 cents worth about the access route, I know that the new road is not on the table this year but I used to drive thru Kolekole pass and Kunia road all the time and always wondered why they didn't make a road leaving Waianae down Paakea rd. even past Hakimo to LLL and on the right side of Lualualei road just before the guard shack before LLL Naval St. just cut right thru that mountain which is not military and behind Makakilo and head for the new on and off ramp between Waipahu and Makakilo that they are working on. We all know we need a H-4, I'm sending a map of what I was thinking.

If you drive up to the guard shack and just before you enter the gate there is a lower montain range that looks like you can just make a road over and if you go driving down Kunia Rd. to Scholfield you'll see that same low mountain range -- doesn't even look like it will cost too much , right after Royal Kunia subdivision keep looking to the left for a low mountain range you'll see it. And it's before the military both sides. Then we won't have to depend on the Military for an access thru kolekole which is too long anyway. Hope my map helps. [Note: contact Norman or Rep. Shimabukuro if you'd like a copy of the map].

Norman and Bonita

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