Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Volunteers Needed to Water Native Plants Along Kaukama Rd Pathway

The Sept. 27 pathway clean up and beautification at Kaukama Road was a huge success. Over 100 volunteers gathered and planted over 40 native plants (mostly drought resistant), and thousands of native seeds. Volunteers also cleared brush and debris, and gathered over 100 bags of litter.

A watering effort is now being made, since the seedlings will need to be watered daily (ideally twice a day) until they are established. Please let us know the times and days you can help water. So far the following volunteers are watering:

Sunday: Yvonne Angut & Ohana

Monday: Laurie & Mike Lawrence

Tuesday: none

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Young/Dodge/Shimabukuro Ohana

Friday: Yvonne Angut & Ohana

Saturday: Pam Arbitrario & Ms. Soo

1. The best time to water is either morning or evening (cool times of day to avoid evaporation due to heat/sun).
2. The plants are within a 25-yard strip from the start of the trail at Kaukama Rd.
3. You'll need about 20 gallons of water -- at least half a gallon per plant (there are 40 plants).
4. You'll need a bucket or other container to carry water from plant to plant.
5. There's water (a bathroom w/showers) at the site, about 100 yards away. An alternative is to bring your own water.
6. It would take one person about one hour to water the plants -- not counting prep and commute time.

If you can help water the plants on any of these days, please contact: maileshimabukuro@yahoo.com

Mahalo to the following organizations for making the event a huge success:

Women of Waianae; AlohaCare; Teach for America; ServiceNation-Hawaii; Nani O Waianae; Kahoomiki; Campbell High Schoool; Waipahu High School; Waianae Olelo; Waianae Boys and Girls Club; Staff of Rep. Maile Shimabukuro; and all other volunteers.

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