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Aloha Rep. Shimabukuro!

Just recently during the last two months, the Close Up Foundation presented their program at a conference hosted by the Pacfic Island Chapter of the Western Association of Educational Opportunity Personnel (WESTOP) in Waikiki to the METS program and later to Nanakuli High School teachers.

The Close Up Foundation, Manoa Educational Talent Search (METS) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in partnership with Nanakuli High and Intermediate Schools are preparing for and working towards an educational trip to Washington, D.C. during June 12 - 18, 2010 with a total of ten (10) students.

Manoa Educational Talent Search (METS) Program

All ten students are participating members of the Manoa Educational Talent Search (METS) program funded by a USDOE TRiO Grant administered and delivered by the University of Hawaii at Manoa to two targeted school sites, Waianae High School and Nanakuli High and Intermediate Schools. We service 600 students overall in providing grade-to-grade promotion, graduation from high school and post-secondary education planning for 2, 4 or technical-vocational institutions in addition to school re-entry.

The METS Program have made the following commitment to provide round-trip airfare from Honolulu to Washington, D.C. providing these students remain active participants of our program and once at their destination, complete the following two requirements:

All METS students must participate and attend a college campus tour of Georgetown University, and

All METS students must participate in the production of a video DVD summarizing their learning experiences and will be used to present to those individuals, organizations and entities which support this event by way of monetary donations.

The Close Up Foundation

The Close Up Foundation is a national non-profit organization that educates and inspiries young people to become informed and engaged citizens. This program provides challenging, hands-on civic education experiences for students, teachers and others in Washington, D.C. which are known to provide positive impact on student attitudes and developing interpersonal communication skills and building cooperation with other students throughout the nation.

The Close Up Foundation will provide eligible studentsmeeting their income requirements a scholarship of $500 towards the cost of the trip.Most of the participating student qualify for this scholarship.

Fund Raising Activities

Ms Uyehara, the METS Student Advisor working with Ms. Lisa Shorba, METS Parent Advisor are located at Nanakuli High and Intermediate Schools assisting the 300 students in our program during the academic school day. However, to assist every student with the opportunity to raise funds to lessen the cost of the trip, fund raising activities are being scheduled during April and May 2010.

The total cost per student is, $1,559.00 Includes $500.00 Close Up Foundation scholarship)

Roundtrip airfare ( 800.00) METS program commitment to its student participants

Parent-Student Commitment ( 100.00) non-refundable deposit by parent

Total Amount Needed $ 659.00 Fundraising or through donors

Each student once making their $100.00 commitment towards the event will need to raise $659.00; which we would like to complete on or before the end of May 2010. We have planned the following events and humbly ask for your assistance:

Ka Ipu Aina - Matson Company

The Matson Company will make a $1,000 cash donation to non-profits that successfully complate a clean up initiative which the Close Up-METS students are scheduling for Saturday, May 15, 2010. We are requesting assistance from your office in providing gloves, trash bags and water for the event.

We've attend the recent Nanakuli-Maili Neighborhood Board meeting which concerns were discussed relating to the cleanup of Ulehawa to Maili Beach Park.

Considering this as a possible location to cleanup in the community, we will be asking Councilman Todd Apo to assist in making the arrangements for permitting, permission of a container for the collection of trash and other waste materials.

If however, you feel there is another site which would require much needed attention, please feel free to let us know. We are required by Matson to obtain the permission of the landowners to situate one of their containers, make arrangements for drop off and pickup once the event is completed. They will allow a maximum of three days for the container to be located at any particular site.

We (the volunteers) will need to collect, place in the containers and meet the container at the particular waste site and remove the trash.

If needed, would we be able to secure an "exemption" or "fee waiver" associated with any cost for dumping the collected trash? We would appreciate any guidance or assistance in this matter.

Personal Contributions or Donations

Every student would appreciate any recommendation as whom they should write or contact whether individuals, organizations or companies willing to contribute any dollar amount towards their trip. All donations must be made payable to: CLOSE UP FOUNDATION and will help to decrease the per student cost mentioned previously.

Questions or Concerns

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any part of the program, fund raising activities or personal contribution or donations, please feel free to contact either Tanya Uyehara or Paul Richards at the telephone number or email address below.

Future Close Up Projects

The Close Up Foundation and the METS Program is the planning process to offer ten Waianae High School students the opportunity to participate in this program during the coming academic school year.

Aloha Pumehana,
Tanya Uyehara,
METS Student Advisor
Manoa Educational Talent Search METS Program
Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity SEED
University of Hawaii at Manoa
2600 Campus Road, QLCSS Ste. 413
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Mobile Tel: 808-349-7794

Paul P. Richards, MBA
METS Program Director
Manoa Educational Talent Search METS Program
Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity SEED
University of Hawaii at Manoa
2600 Campus Road, QLCSS Ste. 413
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Business: 808-956-9442
Fax: 808-956-9240

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