Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aug 20 Deadline for Pollworker Recruiting

"Your Vision | Your Vote" is an effort by Kanu Hawaii and Common Cause Hawaii to get 1,000 people to work the polls, register voters, and vote in this year's elections. We're working on this because the upcoming elections will affect all of us, but too few of us take part in government, know the process, and help pick the leaders that will shape our future. This year, voters are especially challenged because many polling places have closed due to budget cuts and because the Office of Elections needs thousands of volunteers to help run the elections process.

You can help solve this problem right now. Start by signing up to be a poll worker. Just fill out the form here:

You'll get...
- $85 for each day you work the polls
- a free Kanu Hawaii t-shirt
- an invitation to informal after party for volunteers. .

You can work either on Sep 18 (Primary) or Nov 2 (General Election), 5:30am to 7:00pm. You have to attend 1 training (it's an hour and a half) before the election. You have to register to vote, read/write English, and be able to lift about 25 lbs. If you have any questions, visit the Your Vision | Your Vote page athttp://www.kanuhawaii.org/elections.

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