Saturday, July 31, 2010

Operation "KISS" Helps Keep Wai`anae Drivers And Their Keiki Safe

Keiki in Safe Seats (KISS) workers in Wai`anae on 7/31/10. L-R: Officer Chris Park, Lisa Dau of Kapiolani Medical Center, Officer Max Navas, and Officer Tony Kahapea.
After citing drivers for violations such as lack car seats or seat belts, using cell phones, etc. HPD officers provided car seat safety education, and even some free car seats, in a makeshift "drive thru" located at Wai`anae Mall.
Officer Max Navas re-installed a mother's car seat to make sure it was safe for her newborn baby.

On 7/31/10, HPD, Kapiolani Medical Center, and others held a "KISS" (Keiki in Safe Seats) checkpoint on the Wai`anae Coast. HPD cited drivers for violations such as lack of or improper car seats, not using seat belts, and using cell phones. The difference was that HPD not only issued citations, but also offered car seat safety education. Officers re-installed car seats and educated area residents about how to use car seats safely, and even offered free car seats to the indigent.

According to Major Evan Ching of HPD, "We conducted 65 child safety seat inspections and assisted in the installation of 48 child safety seats. Sixteen child restraints (car seats) were handed out to the public following traffic enforcement and citations being issued. Each car seat given out at this checkpoint was brand new. Car seats were given out to vehicles that had no restraint for a child, or an improper seat was used or the seat being used was expired. These new seats were purchased with the aid of federal grant money which is managed by the State Department of Transportation."

"We cited for 244 violations, including 60 child restraint, 23 seat belt, 16 mobile electronic devices, 31 driving without a license, and 32 for no insurance, " Ching continued.

Keiki In Safe Seats (KISS) is an HPD occupant protection initiative focusing on the driver’s responsibility when transporting child passengers. Officers are trained child car seat technicians certified by instructors from the Keiki Injury Prevention Coalition (KIPC).

Members of the public needing information or assistance with properly installing car seats should check the KIPC website,, for the locations and times of scheduled installation events.

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