Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grant Opportunity Announcement: Hawaii "EV ready" grants


The Grant Opportunity Announcement for the Hawaii "EV ready" grants
has been posted on the State Energy Office website,

Applications are due on July 26, 2010, at 11 AM.

Please forward this information to others who may be interested.

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Transportation Energy Diversification Project

The purpose of the Transportation Energy Diversification Project is to transform Hawaii's transportation sector to one less dependent on liquid petroleum fuels by accelerating the adoption of electric drive vehicles and related charging equipment in Hawaii.

The Project is composed of two categories:

1. A rebate program for electric vehicles and charging equipment; and

2. The Hawaii EV Ready grant program.

Only commercially available technologies are eligible for funding.

Charging equipment is to be installed in compliance with Federal, State, and County laws, codes, and regulations, including ARRA, SEP, and NEPA requirements and limitations, and is to be compliant with industry standards, particularly SAE J 1772. Installation is to be performed only at, in, or on existing facilities.

The Rebate Program

The Rebate Program, scheduled to begin in August of 2010, will provide rebates for Hawaii residents, businesses, State and County agencies, and nonprofit entities for the initial purchase of new, commercially available electric vehicles for use in Hawaii and for the purchase and installation of commercially available charging equipment in Hawaii.

Vehicle rebates will be up to 20% of the vehicle purchase price, up to a maximum of $4500 per vehicle. Electric vehicle charging equipment rebates will be up to 30% of the charging equipment cost (to include installation costs, if claimed) up to a maximum of $500 per charger. If the vehicle purchase includes installation of an off-board vehicle charger, the rebate for the vehicle and charger together will be 20% of the total cost, up to $5000. It is anticipated that the rebate program will start on August 1, 2010 and continue until September 30, 2011, or until rebate program funds are exhausted, unless the program period or amounts are modified. The program may be extended based on the performance of the program. Funds remaining in the rebate program after September 30, 2011, (or modified end date) may be moved into the grant program; conversely, grant program funds may be added to the rebate program.

Vehicles and equipment funded under the rebate program are NOT eligible for funding under the grant program; likewise, vehicles and equipment funded under the grant program are NOT eligible for funding under the rebate program.


The EV Ready Grant program will provide grants to attract and partially fund the deployment of full-speed electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging equipment, and supporting efforts in Hawaii via larger, more integrated, or more complex projects than funded through the rebate program.

The grant program is intended to complement the rebate program. Vehicles or chargers funded under the grant program will not be eligible for additional funding under the rebate program; similarly, vehicles and charging equipment funded under the rebate program will not be eligible for additional funding under the grant program.

The Grant Opportunity Announcement (for electric vehicle charger networks and EV partnerships) is now available. Applications are due by 11 AM Hawaii time, July 26, 2010.

For more information, contact:

Margaret Larson
Vehicle Specialist
Hawaii State Energy Office

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