Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Waianae High School Bleachers

Recently, Rep. Shimabukuro has been getting contacted by various individuals regarding the Waianae HS bleachers. Currently, the bleachers are cordoned off and use of them is not permitted/allowed for safety reasons.

Rep. Shimabukuro contacted Sanford Beppu of DOE Facilities. She was quite sure funds had been appropriated to repair the bleachers, and requested to be updated on the status of the bleacher repair. Mr. Beppu's response is below:

Rep. Shimabukuro:

According to the project coordinator, the project is going through the design phase now and is planned to go out to bid in the spring and start construction early next summer. The target is to complete construction before the start of next football season. Between now and the spring, they will be working on the design, including getting the necessary city approvals. They understand the school wants to use the bleachers, but upon inspection determined that it should not be used.

Thank you.

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