Friday, January 9, 2009

Hwy Shoulders - Ala Hema St., & Lahilahi St.

Title: Transportation Update: Q&A With DOT
Subject: Hwy. Shoulders, Ala Hema St., Lahilahi St.
Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 6:59 PM

DOT Responses to 3 questions from Rep. Shimabukuro:

Question: A constituent called about the need to clear glass, rubbish, and debris from the shoulders of Farrington Highway. He bikes along the Waianae Coast between Kaukama Road (Sea Country) and Lahilahi Street in Makaha. He said that he is constantly getting flats in his tires due to the debris on the shoulders.

Answer: Farrington Hwy is being covered by our street sweeping contract every 15 weeks. The next sweeping cycle will be next week. Because of numerous complaints from this area, we are looking at chainging the next contract to have the area swept every 5 weeks. The current contract expires on April 17, 2009.

Question: Several constituents have requested a stop light at Ala Hema St. and Farrington Highway. They have complained about the danger of making left turns, crossing the street, etc. in the area. Also, the Ala Hema Street sign and the accompanying arrow sign are worn/bent and in need of replacement. [Alvin/Bryan]

Answer: We will conduct a warrant study for the signal. Regarding the worn signs, we will ask our district office to replace existing signs. Question: A constituent complained about drainage near her home, which is just before Lahilahi Street in the direction of Nanakuli. According to her, there is a ditch along Farrington Hwy. in the area, which the City or State filled with dirt, and this caused her house to flood on Dec. 11. Since the flood, workers have come to try to remove the dirt, but discovered a pipe that they said is not supposed to be there, which has halted their work. She also said that there is a drainage pipe on Lahilahi Street which is poorly designed. She said that the pipe ends at the ocean, rather than before the ocean, so it gets clogged with debris. She said government officials also told her that the pipe was supposed to be widened, from 24" to 48", but that it never was. Answer: We have schedule a field investigation with HWY-DH for 1/16/09 in the Makaha area.

From: Director, Dept. of Transportation

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