Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Makaha Bridge Work

We have received a few calls regarding the current bridge work as well as the lane closures that have occurred as a result. Foremost is the concern that the lane closures are 24 hrs even when no work is being done.

The State Department of Transportation stated that the length of the closure should be approx. 2 weeks long (not 1 year as some people may have heard from unnamed sources).

When asked why no one is guiding traffic in the area when no work is being done, we are told that budget cuts as well as a RELATIVELY light traffic flow in the area led to the decision to not have traffic guidance during non-roadwork hours. We are told that on the weekends when there is an increase in traffic due to beachgoers, they plan to have someone flagging/directing traffic to assist.

We hope that the 2 week window is all it takes to get the work done and things back to normal on that roadway. If you have additional concerns, please email me at

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information Maile. These bridges really should be replaced. I believe they were scheduled to be replaced in 2004 and then got moved up to 2012. Now I can't find any data on them at all. These bridges have been in service since the early 1930's and I think it's about time to replaced them before it's too late.
Aloha, Bryan