Friday, October 16, 2009

`Ai Pohaku and Cross-Age Tutoring Yard Sale a Resounding Success!

Karen Young, Vince Kana`i Dodge, Heather Robertson, Carmen Enriques, and Summer Miles worked hard to make the `Ai Pohaku and Cross-Age Tutoring Yard Sale a Success!

The Sept. 19-20, 2009 yard sale to benefit the `Ai Pohaku Workshop and Cross-Age Tutoring Program was a huge success. Approximately $1400 was raised to benefit these very worthy programs, which work with students at Wai`anae Intermediate School.

Mahalo nui loa to the following people who volunteered and/or donated items to the yard sale:

Kiane Aila & Ohana
Earl Akama
Cathie Alana
Yvonne Angut & Ohana
Barbara Bradbury
Kermit Brown
Georgia Campbell
Alyce, Fred, & Vince Dodge
Jessica Ear & Friends
Mamo & Dennis Fortna
Luz & Anna Lovinavia
Christine Johnson
Ronie Low
Manny & Summer Miles
Miles Ohana
Malia Morales
Chico Rivera
Maile Shimabukuro
Dorothy Yamashige
Karen Young
Shelly Zamborelli

Wai`anae Intermediate School Volunteers/Donors:
Raechelle Fabrao - principal
Paul Cole - english teacher
Joe Demarco - english teacher
Carmen Enriques & Ohana - teacher
Terry Fuller - science teacher
Joanne Hee - health
Luanne Higuchi - media teacher
Mr. Rivers - math teacher
Heather Robertson & Ohana/Friends - teacher
Justin Szmotas - science teacher

All the Glenmonger Street neighborhood kids that came and spent their last dime. :-)

All other volunteers, donors, customers, and supporters. Please send us names of others we need to add.

We could not have done it without you!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello from the land of mountains but no sea. I also run a cross-age tutoring program, in Denver, Colorado. Yours is one of the other few cross-age tutoring programs I know of. Does your program have a web site or a contact person of someone leading the program? My web site is

Keep up the good work.
Ed Krug