Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Volunteer Mold Specialist & Red Cross Disaster Contact Person

Flood Victim Resources: Volunteer Mold Specialist & Red Cross Disaster Contact Person
From: Ping Collis picolli@LASHAW.ORG; Legal Aid Society of HI

Hi Maile,

1. Ellen Watson is a nationally certified, locally licensed mold specialist. She/her company will do a free and detailed inspection, they will provide both reconstruction and litigation, pro bono, depending on specifics of each case.

Office phone: 734-6442
Cell Phone: 778-0309

2. Maria Lutz is the American Red Cross person covering disasters for now. Red Cross is doing home inspections and providing rental assistance vouchers to flood victims. [Tony Kato, who was at the Kualoa disaster assistance relief center, will be in charge by early Jan. ‘09]

Office Phone: 739-8114


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Anonymous said...

Ellen Watson is a bright and intelligent woman who knows about water intrusion and uses the utmost high tech equipment to prove where the water is intruding from. HNowever dfense atty.'s use Inalab to go against her in trials. BTW Ellen used to utilize Inalab's services for her mold testing. The ownwer of Inalab Actually goes to Ellen's testimonies during trial to take notes on what she says...Thats says alot about what he knpws. Ellen accredidations far exceed those of Inalab and that is why he goes to Ellen to her what shne has to say and to copy her footsteps.