Monday, August 25, 2008

QUEST/Medicaid Updates

1. QUEST Spenddown has been repealed. This program allowed people who had excess income to spenddown their monthly income on medical bills to a specified amount to become eligible for QUEST. This program has been repealed.

2. QUEST ACE offers some coverage for people who are up to 200% of the federal poverty line. Here is a link to the flyer:

3. QUEST Expanded is replacing Medicaid Fee-for-Service. QUEST Expanded is a HMO. People currently with Medicaid Fee-for-Service will get enrollment packets during the last week of September. By October 1, 2008, they will need to choose plans. Starting February 1, 2009, they will start receiving services through the health plans.

4. Keiki Care is a health plan that is available for children, who do not qualify for QUEST or Medicaid. I have attached a quick chart comparison [click here] for your information.

Other things:

1. Hawaii Covering Kids helps children get medical insurance. They have flyers in all types of languages (about 20!) giving general information about medical insurance for children. It can be found at

2. Hawaii Covering Kids also gave me this quick chart regarding income limits for QUEST, WIC, Head Start, and free/reduced school lunches. I am attaching it [click here] to this email.

Hope you find these helpful.

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