Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ever hate walking into a voting booth and then trying to figure out how to answer a yes/no question that you know must be important because it will change the State Constitution or City Charter? Haven't you ever thought, gee, I wish someone told me what the questions were way ahead of time?

Well, HERE are the questions.

Just a small public service from me, Gordon Yang, Attorney At Law. Please feel free to pass this on to others and create a small public service of your own.

Please also note, my professional mission of helping clients achieve the American Dream is expanding. I now offer legal services to select small businesses. If anyone you know has an immigration or small business legal question, please let them know I offer free 10-15 minute telephonic consultations. My phone number is below.

Oh, if you're wondering, "how'd Gordon get the ballot?" Via permanent absentee voting request. From now until I opt out in writing, I will be mailed the ballot ahead of time and have time to read the questions, research the options, and make informed decisions. Why not do that too?

Aloha and vote well,

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Click HERE to view Ballot Questions

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