Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Freeway Safety Patrol Keeps Drivers Safe!

In September 2010, Rep. Shimabukuro's tire blew out and brakes weakened while she was driving on the freeway near the airport. It was a harrowing experience because the incident occurred on the inside lane where there was barely a shoulder, just when rush hour traffic started to get heavy. Although she called AAA, it would take them a while to arrive, and their towing service was limited.

To her surprise, AAA made a call to the State Department of Transportation's "Freeway Safety Patrol" (FSP), who came to the rescue! Within minutes a policeman on a motorcycle arrived and helped block off on-coming traffic. Shortly thereafter a tow truck, driven by Kimo Figueroa (pictured above) also pulled up. Mr. Figueroa pumped up Rep. Shimabukuro's spare tire, which was flat, and later towed her to Pearl City to meet up with AAA.

"If you are ever in trouble on the highway, give FSP a call to see if they can assist. They are real life-savers!" said Rep. Shimabukuro.

For more information, call 841-HELP or visit http://www.fsphawaii.com

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