Tuesday, June 1, 2010

July 4th Event for homeless keiki

From: Project Hawaii

Aloha Kakou--Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your interest in helping us provide our homeless keiki with a fun and
wonderful 4th of July event.

This is part of our summer camp outreach to keep the children living along the beaches of Waianae clean and healthy during the summer months.

Until we are able to configure a full volunteer staff, this is what we are
able to provide to these keiki:

Our agency is a nonprofit run 100% by volunteers and solely supported by the publics
donations. We are not government, or receive any other funding, so we rely on the
public to help us with our events.

What we are looking for as volunteers:

First, let me say if you are volunteering you will need to be responsible for
bringing all your supplies and such needed to complete the task you decide to take
on. I live on the Big Island and do not have the means to bring needed items to the

With this in mind, here is what we are looking for:

1. To provide a game or activity. This can be a simple game like ring toss, or bean
bag toss, any type of interactive game they CAN WIN a prize. (of course everyone
needs to win).

2. A group outdoor game, like relay race, bubble blowing challenges, or something of
that nature geared towards elementary aged children.

3. Face Painting

4. Meal Crew:
this is someone or group that is willing to bring a dish for approx.
75 people, like rice, spam musubi, hot dogs, chili, chips, etc. Of course you can
choose what you'd like to bring/make. I would like to bbq hotdogs on site. I will
need someone to bring the bbqer as well. What ever food you bring needs to be ready
to serve...including the sterno stands, etc.

5. Paper goods contribution to serve 75

6. Drinks/, refreshment. The easiest way we found is to use capri suns and water
bottles. That is a simple way and nothing gets spilled. The keiki only need one
juice at lunch, and one water bottle while playing.

7. Prizes for the games: We want to give items they can use, such as bars of soap,
shampoo, wash cloth, tooth brushes, tooth paste, color crayons, color books, etc.
(we would like 50 of each item, if possible) For example if your group chooses to
take on a prize for a game, please collect ONE ITEM, like the 50 bars of soap. or if
two prizes, then tooth paste and brushes, etc.

Our event will be hosted from 11A-1P which will include the games, activities and
food service. We DO NOT need volunteers just to participate in the event, we need
volunteers who can PROVIDE one of the above projects.

Please let me know how you'd like to help, if you are with a group, how many in your
group. Please be specific on what you are going to bring, and how you plan to
implement your project.

I will be emailing more details and a confirmation once everyone has responded with
their activity chosen.
The MOST important aspect is to have the FOOD taken care of first.

Mahalo with Aloha
Magin Patrick
Program Director
P.O. Box 1844
Kea'au, HI 96749
(808) 987-6018

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