Monday, June 28, 2010

Blue Planet News: Free CFLs for apartments, Hands Across the Sand

Free CFLs for apartment buildings
If you live in an apartment, help us recruit your whole building to upgrade your lights and downgrade your energy bill. Blue Planet will give FREE CFL bulbs to your apartment building. We'll give you a new CFL for each old style bulb your building removes from service. We are able to make thousands of bulbs available to swap the bulbs in every apartment in your building. This offer is for a limited time only. For more information or to register your building for the program contact or visit

No more oil spills: Hands across the Sand Hawai'i
The ongoing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is a painful reminder of why we need to move off of dirty oil as quickly as possible. Join Blue Planet Foundation, Honua Consulting, Malama Na Honu, and other local partners next Saturday, June 26, in showing the world that it's time for clean, renewable sources of power. Hawaii's "Hands Across the Sand" activities will be part of hundreds of such gatherings across the country on Saturday. Be part of this highly symbolic event and meet others who care about the ocean and our clean energy future:

Think it can't happen here? On February, 23rd, 1977, the supertanker "Hawaiian Patriot" cracked its hull in storm, resulting in a massive oil spill 300 miles west of Hawai'i. After leaking, the tanker caught fire and exploded, killing one crewmember and sending 99,000 tons of light Indonesian crude oil into the ocean.

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