Saturday, April 10, 2010

May 12 Wai`anae High SCC Meeting

From: William Akama


Sorry for the late agenda. Please see agenda below. We have a very busy meeting coming up and hope everyone can make it.

Wai`anae High SCC Chair AY 2010

P.S. Also a Congratulations to our school for receiving $100,000.00 from American Savings Bank for Education

Wai`anae High School’s School Community Council

Regular Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wai`anae High School

Library Conference Room

85-251 Farrington Hwy. Wai`anae, HI 96792

4 to 5:30 pm

1. Call To Order

2. Approval of Agenda
3. Approval of Minutes – March 2010

4. Student Concerns

5. School/Committee Reports

5.1 Academic/Financial Plan

5.2 APC

5.3 Leadership

5.3.1 Bell Schedule

5.3.2 Race to Top


5.5 Alumni

5.6 FOL

6. Election of New Members for AY 2011 (Discussion)
7. SCC Self Assessment

8. Announcements

9. Next Meeting/Adjournment

SCC Board Minutes and Agendas are available at the following website:

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