Thursday, April 1, 2010

Urgent Feedback Needed Re: Makaha Surfing Beach


Please see links below to the latest draft of SB2646, the "surfing reserves bill," which was just recently amended to include Makaha. [Note: Rep. Shimabukuro was not involved with adding Makaha to the bill; the Conference Committee removed Honolua and added Makaha].

The bill has been somewhat controversial, with some surfers fearing that by promoting both recreational and competitive surfing, increased commercialization, crowds, and surf meets could result. Others support the concept, since a designation could increase governmental dollars & environmental protection for the beach.

Please review this bill, spread the word, and provide me with feedback. I would appreciate hearing what you think so I can share your views with other members of the House & Senate before the final floor vote in both on Tues., April 26, 2010.

Click HERE for the bill's status, testimony received, prior drafts, current draft, etc., and here's a link to just the current draft of the bill:
Rep. Maile Shimabukuro

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