Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NEW NOAA Fisheries Service webpage up entitled "Swimming with Wild Spinner Dolphins"


There is a new NOAA Fisheries Service webpage up from the Pacific Islands Regional Office (PIRO) entitled "Swimming with Wild Spinner Dolphins".

Click HERE to go to the webpage.

The intent is to offer easily accessible and easy-to-understand information about the potential impacts of swimming with wild dolphins. Please pass this link around to help get the word out.


NOAA Fisheries Service, PIRO
Protected Resources Division


Anonymous said...

Wow, was this effort funded by a captive dolphin program/s? i am surprised to see NOAA advocating dolphins in captivity, but than again records wil show that NMFS has aprroved 99.4% of all permit requests to capture, display and export dolphins.

Is this is NOAA's answer to our requests to halt the growth of and to regulate Waianae's dolphin-swim/encounter industry? Go to Sea-Life Park?

Will this page be in Japanese? A good 80%+ of visitor participants in the dolphin industry here are Japanese and will have no knowledge that NOAA recommends they should be supporting bringing dolphns into captivity for swims instead of being in the wild.

This informative page began good and then took a corporate promoting turn about midway through. Auwe.

Anonymous said...

I guess the comment by Anonymous had a quick effect - the link in the post is already not available anymore.

Anonymous said...

To the previous writer- you are either ignorant or you do not care about the laws. You are, in all probablility, the commercial boat I see almost every day at the point off Pokai Bay where the dolphin rest. You put your boat right in the middle of the pod and allow your customers to jump into the middle of that resting pod and upset them. That is one of the reasons there is a law against your doing just that. Also one of the reasons the spinner population is declining so rapidly. If you are that commercial boater then be warned, for one of these days very soon I will turn you in. NOAA recommends people go where it is legal to swim with the dolphins and that is not in a resting pod. If you are not the boater I see every day then you need to get your facts straight. A concerned resident of the Waianae Coast.