Monday, May 4, 2009

Help Save TheBoat!

Aloha concerned residents to Help Save TheBoat,

Contact the City Government

Honolulu City Council members and Mayor Hannemann will determine whether to extend TheBoat contract. Tell them you want to continue TheBoat.
or copy the addresses below and paste them into your address bar:
  • To email Mayor Hannemann, copy this address and paste it into your address bar.

Public Service Announcements (PSA) on Oahu's Olelo cable TV to help save TheBoat

Click on this link to see a two-minute combination PSA:
Save TheBoat on Oahu PSA Collage

Upload your Video

Upload your short Save TheBoat rally video on to YouTube, MySpace, etc. Email the link to to be put on this web page and, if you request, it will also put it on Olelo Cable TV to be aired as a frequent public service announcement (PSA). Gather several people and video them saying DON'T STOP THE BOAT, KEEP THE BOAT AFLOAT, KEEP THE BOAT CONTRACT, etc. or invent your own chant. Use the above PSA's as a guide.

Honolulu City Council poised to sink TheBoat

Click here to see the article from the Star Bulletin Council poised to sink TheBoat dated April 14, 2009:

Here is some information about TheBoat
- TheBoat is a demonstration project (intended to prove or disprove the viability of marine transit for Oahu)

- TheBoat represents safe, convenient and reliable service (Consistent commute times 1 hr pier to pier)

- TheBoat is an integrated component of the entire transportation system

- TheBoat provides an additional transportation choice (In case the freeway is shut down, ie overpass accident in Aiea)

- TheBoat ties seamlessly with the TheBus (schedule, routes, fares)

- TheBoat helps get people off the roads (and reduces congestion)

- TheBoat provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere

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Anonymous said...

Look at the cost per passenger. The Boat is a big waste of taxpayer's money. It costs $5,000,000 a year to bring, on average, 175 riders round trip each day. That equals $28,571 per person per year. It would be cheaper to PAY the 175 riders who use it now to sit at home and not go to work. Similarly, the City could literally hire a strech limo to take each person door to door 5 days per week for less money.