Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Lady of Keaau Facilities Are Available for Events

A Legacy of Caring for Hawaii's People

The Our Lady of Keaau facilities are primarily for organizations, schools, and churches for conferences, business meetings, retreats, and celebrations.

The facility is for daytime use only. For the safety of the guests and liability purposes, alcohol is not permitted on the premises.

Groups that use the longhouse are responsible for the set-up of tables and chairs.

The address is 83-300 Farrington Highway. The phone number is 696-7255. Sister Beatrice Tom is the chief administrator of the center. Please call the center directly to book a date or for further information.

To learn more about Our Lady of Keaau visit their website at
or contact:

Cheryl Tamura

Development & Communication Director

St. Francis Healthcare Foundation of Hawaii

2228 Liliha Street, Suite 205

Honolulu, HI 96817

Ph: 808-547-8032

FAX: 808-547-8034


A Legacy of Caring for Hawaii's People

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Anonymous said...

Guess i am so excited about the new learning center coming to makaha for native Hawaiians thru the donation of land back to the rightful Hawaiian owners that i am wondering if this beautiful property (our lady of keaau)that now belongs to a religious group might be given back to the native hawaiians to be used as a community for homeless native hawaiian families..
(i think the church needs to return all the properties they took from native Hawaiians)

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying; however, what you fail to identify is ALL the good work that is done by the church for homeless Hawaiians and many countless others who may not otherwise receive it. We can't expect to give back all the lands to Hawaiians anymore than we can give back the United States' lands to the Native Americans. What you need to remember is that these lands DO NOT belong to ANY people. We are ALL One! These lands belong to our creator-please be mindful of that instead of being hurtful to others. Mahalo!

Anonymous said...

The thing is this religious group did not take this property from the Hawaiian people, but purchased it from our own First Hawaiian Bank. These beautiful Nuns use this facility to feed our homeless and the Franciscan Nuns take care of our people's medical needs when they cannot afford it without judging. We need to learn from them.