Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MA'O Farms Now Accepting Student Interns

MA`O Farms in Waianae is recruiting for our College Internship Program - it's a 2-year commitment for youth from the Leeward Coast ages 17-24. We send them to Leeward Community College (all tuition expenses paid) to earn their AA degree, provide them with tutoring and mentoring, and provide them with employment - they work at our organic farm 17 hours/week and get paid $500/month. It's a great place to reconnect with their culture, the 'aina and their understanding of kuleana to taking care of their community. We're looking for good kids with lots of heart and potential to succeed in higher education (they don't have to be A students).

Applications to the internship are downloadable off our website: http://www.maoorganicfarms.org/ . The website is being built as we speak. If you keep checking up on it, more and more content should appear.

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