Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Program - Cash Prize up to$50, 000

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A year ago, we shared our plans to enhance our Yoshiyama program and further align it with the Foundation’s new strategic plan. Our research and development process culminates this week with the launch of the Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Program.

We are pleased to announce a nationwide search for the first-ever Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs. They are 18 to 29-year olds, and they are operating viable businesses that create jobs, supply goods or services, or use internal management practices that offer low-wealth individuals in America a leg up.

We are excited: we have stayed true to the vision of Mr. Hirokichi Yoshiyama, former president and chairman of Hitachi, Ltd., in Tokyo , whose gift launched the original Yoshiyama program. We will identify and work with inspiring young business leaders and learn what it takes to run a financially sustainable business that gives a boost to people who feel stuck in place. Indeed, what distinguishes this program is that, while many social enterprises have primarily relied on grants and donations to supplement earned revenues, the Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Program will discover viable businesses that generate earned revenue to sustain their efforts.

The application process is now open. Here is a link to the online application and additional information:


When we find these inspiring young entrepreneurs, each will receive a cash prize of up to $50,000 over two years, and technical resources to strengthen their business.

March 22 is the first round application deadline. Please forward this information to anybody you know who might want to apply, or who might know America ’s first-ever Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs. You can learn much more about the Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Program on our website:


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