Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Caregiver Coaltion Visits Capitol Regarding Rainy Day Fund Bill

Members of the Family Caregiver Coalition visited Maile on 2/26/10. L-R: Maile, Bernie Baker, Sandy Ducharme, Donaleia Malinowsky, Christine Olah, Bruce McCullough, Diane Stowell, and Zoe Jarvis. [Click on the photo for a larger view].

The Family Caregiver Coalition came to the Capitol to support SB2469, which Appropriates funds from the Rainy Day fund for Kupuna Care and several other Health & Human service funds. According to these Coalition members, the Governor wants to take $50m from this fund to address Furlough Fridays. The coalition is urging legislators to vote NO on the Governor's request, as this will deplete funding for what the rainy day funding is intended to support. Presently services are being cut drastictly and will continue to do so without the Rainy Day Funding.

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