Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Petition and Update Re: Flooding in Lahilahi St. Area

The Following email is From Mr. Kotake:

"Mervyn M. Kotake" <mkotake@m-klawyers.com>
Date: April 1, 2009 9:58:51 AM HST
Subject: Re: Hui O Makaha, LLC

...Attached is a letter from Director Morioka, which indicates that the State DOT is investigating the feasibility of remedying the blockage of the State Ditch in the vicinity of Farrington Highway and Orange Street. I don't know for certain if and when the State will take action, so it would be helpful if the Waianae Neighborhood Board and/or other neighbors in the Orange Street vicinity follow up in writing to Director Morioka expressing their concerns. The owner of the fence is willing to move it if necessary so that is not a concern. What we need is more community expression of concern to get the State to move more quickly. I wonder if you could schedule this matter for one of your public meetings and invite the State and City officials. FYI, attached is a Petition signed by 79 individual from the Waianae area to the State asking for relief.
The other part of the problem is the drainage system in Lahilahi Subdivison which we believe is inadequate and prone to blockage. We are trying to schedule a site inspection with Dennis Toyama, Dept. of Design and Construction, to investigate this matter. When the inspection is scheduled, I will let you know.
If you need any further information, please let me know. Our concern is that unless the State and County takes action, if there is another heavy rain like last Dec., the neighborhood will experience severe flooding and damage again.
Merv Kotake

If you would like to sign the petition email Mr. Kotake at mkotake@m-klawyers.com

To view the current petition click here.

To view the letter from Brennon Morioka, Director or Transportation to Mr. Kotake click here.

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