Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free Health Insurance for Keiki Starting This Month; Aloha Airlines Employees Also Included

As an expectant mother, my heart goes out to the Aloha Airlines employees who have lost their jobs and health insurance. I am proud to announce that the neighbor island and rural legislators have come up with a proposal to make sure that all children of former Aloha Airlines employees are provided with free health insurance.

SB 69 expands the Legislature's Keiki Care program that debuts this month to include the children of Aloha Airlines employees. To be eligible, the child must be a Hawaii resident, currently uninsured, and not eligible for any other government or private health insurance, excluding COBRA. There are no income or asset limits, and coverage is free. The child will continue to be eligible until the the parent becomes employed and covered by a prepaid health care plan, or 12/31/08, whichever is sooner.

Keiki Care is also available to all other Hawaii children, provided that they are:

1. Hawaii residents;

2. 31 days to 18 years old;

3. Uninsured continually for at least 6 months (with some exceptions);

4. Have no other medical coverage (note: Parent can choose Keiki Care rather than private coverage);

5. Not eligible for any other state or federal medical insurance.

Coverage is FREE - HMSA and the state Department of Human Services will share the cost of dues for all eligible children under this plan.
HMSA’s Keiki Care Plan provides basic health care benefits needed to help keep children in good health, including coverage for doctor visits, immunizations, certain preventive services, diagnostic tests, emergency care, and mental health benefits, and limited coverage for prescription drugs.
Medical, drug and dental coverage for children.
No charge for well-child visits and immunizations.
$7 copayment for physician office visits, up to 12 per year.
$5 copayment for generic antibiotic drugs.
$100/day copayment for up to 5 inpatient hospital days per year.
Preventive dental care only covered.

For more information, call (808) 948-5555 on Oahu or 1 (800) 620-4672 from the Neighbor Islands. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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